About Us

The Simanye Trust’s mission is to develop and implement sustainable, nation-wide and holistic solutions for communities, businesses and individuals in order to develop skills and businesses in a way that addresses the root causes of major challenges facing South Africa. We aim to do this through a focus on innovative social business models – which are businesses that generate a profit and are thus self-sustaining in the long term while also providing an invaluable social impact.

Simanye Trust pools funds from our donors in exchange for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment points as part of South Africa’s empowerment and transformation policies and turns the funding that typically would be wasted on once-off unsustainable initiatives, into a pooled effort to create real change in the country.

Donor organisations can be as involved or as prescriptive as they require, depending on the size and scale of their contributions. Companies with larger contributions or specific needs under the Codes may prefer tailor-made solutions which also add value to their business, such as the implementation of a supplier development programme or a specific social initiative including external skills development. The Trust’s solutions are highly flexible and customizable but we use our knowledge of best practices in order to ensure that all solutions conform to what we know works.  

To understand more on our approach to economic development, click here, or go to our projects page to learn more about individual projects we are involved in.


The Simanye Trust has four women trustees, three of whom are black women. Except for the trust’s interaction with Simanye Consulting, of which one trustee is a director and another an employee, all of the trustees are independent and have no employment with or direct or indirect beneficial interest in the trust.  More on our trustees can be found here.

The annual financial accounts are publicly available to anyone on request, and the Trust is well placed, through our structure, to manage government funds.  We have both PBO and section 18A status, as well as accreditation under the B-BBEE legislation for Enterprise Development and Socio-economic Development. In addition to this the trust meets all the requirements of a broad-based trust and is therefore able to participate in B-BBEE ownership transactions, several of which Simanye has concluded in the past year.


For more information on the Trust or to make a contribution please contact Lana Lovasic, Lana Lovasic at lana.lovasic@simanye.co.za.