Training and workshops


Our Upcoming Workshops:

Check back here for invites to our upcoming workshops.  We hold workshops and training surrounding:

  • B-BBEE training and workshops on all aspects of B-BBEE, including the history of the legislation, an overview of the dti Codes and the elements of the Codes in detail, on either a one-on-one or group basis
  • Training on approaches to economic development, how to design initiatives for impact and monitoring and evaluation, for corporates, social businesses and NGO/NPOs
  • Trustee training, particularly for trustees of broad-based trusts set up for B-BBEE purposes, on compliance and legislative requirements as trustees, as well as training on economic development
  • Training and information on Asset Based Driven Community Development, based on practical on-the-ground implementation and not just theory

We are also available for speaking events at conferences and workshops related to B-BBEE, economic development, community development, supplier development and related topics

To enquire about Simanye’s availability for trustee training or workshops on B-BBEE, economic development, Asset Based Driven Community Development or other related topics, feel free to contact us at