Earn B-BBEE Points

Earn B-BEE points – through Enterprise Development, Socio-Economic Development and Ownership

The challenge that many businesses face is that while they need a good B-BBEE score to do business, they often lack the resources to implement initiatives in these areas, as their focus is – and should be – on their core competencies and operations.

The Trust offers businesses and organisations of all sizes the opportunity to contribute funds into the Trust structure and gain immediate points for Enterprise Development and Socio-economic Development, as well as obtain tax deductions. In this way, businesses increase their B-BBEE score and achieve the required compliance, while being confident that these contributions, no matter how small, will have a long term impact on peoples’ lives and the South African landscape.

Donor organisations can be as involved or as prescriptive as they require, depending on the size and scale of their contributions. Companies with larger contributions or specific needs under the Codes may prefer tailor-made solutions which also add value to their business, such as the implementation of a supplier development programme or a specific social initiative including external skills development. The Trust’s solutions are highly flexible and customisable to meet the clients’ specific needs of the private sector, leveraging off its existing initiatives or creating and managing new ones.

Ownership transactions can be structured with our trust to achieve full points from date of implementation since Simanye Trust meets all the requirements of a broad-based trust and is therefore able to participate in B-BBEE ownership transactions, two of which we have concluded in the past year.

For more information on the Trust please contact Lana Lovasic lana.lovasic@simanye.co.za.