Community and economic development partners

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 Simanye BBBEE behold Behold SA is a consulting firm specialising in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Impact Measurement, established in 2010 as the first international offices of the Netherlands based Beholding B.V. Behold promotes and empowers social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibilities by linking the private sector with development work.
 Simanye BBBEE emzingo Emzingo is a people development company that through social impact inspires responsible leadership, prepares individuals to address global challenges and connects business to society. Emzingo uses social impact projects and a leadership development curriculum as vehicles to transform individuals.
 Simanye BBBEE Mmapula Mmapula Community Development offers asset based development workshops, community participation and engagement programmes, social impact studies and various developmental programmes.  They are highly experienced with working in local South African and African communities and know how to unlock potential to help communities drive their own development process.
community Community Insights facilitates partnerships between clients and other organisations that have similar goals, to leverage skills and resources. They support financial institutions, governments, development agencies and civil society in their respective roles related to the governance of corporate activities.
Simanye BBBEE Bjala   Bjala is an urban solutions company.  Bjala views the built environment as urban hardware, and how people relate to hardware as urban software.  Their goal as urban solutionists is to integrate hardware with software to successfully serve the community.  
Stoop Consulting offers a long and broad experience in good governance, management and development. Their work is mainly concentrated in the public sector (including federal / central, regional, provincial and local level governments as well as SOE or parastatal organisations) and the ‘social profit’ sector. They combine their numerous Belgian assignments with a very broad international experience, based on assignments in more than 20 countries, including South Africa.