B-BBEE Services

B-BBEE audits / verifications

We are able to conduct B-BBEE audits under IRBA via our audit partners, The BEE Shop, with whom we share an integrated and efficient online B-BBEE audit management platform.  We have strict controls in place to ensure that any advisory work is independent from audit work.

We have extensive experience in dealing with large, complex B-BBEE audits, including the consolidation of 30+ listed, unlisted and multinational businesses. In addition to this, we are also able to assist smaller generics, QSEs and EMEs.

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B-BBEE consulting and verification preparation

    • B-BBEE consulting and advisory under the current Codes, amended Codes, sector Codes and Mining Charter
    • B-BBEE ownership solutions
    • B-BBEE subject matter expert role and sounding board for ad hoc client needs
    • Preparing clients for verification, guiding them through the process and managing the audit
    • B-BBEE due diligences, particularly for potential acquisitions
    • Efficient structuring of clients’ B-BBEE spend
    • Setting B-BBEE targets and assisting clients in achieving them
    • Complex, integrated B-BBEE solutions, custom designed for larger organisations, particularly in the area of procurement and supplier development as well as skills development
    • Local economic development and holistic community development using Socio-economic and Enterprise Development spend, particularly for the mining and renewable energy sectors, as well as government
    • Pre-selected existing programmes, initiatives and organisations for Enterprise Development contributions, Socio-economic development contributions and Skills Development solutions that create impact and are cost effective
    • B-BBEE integrated IT systems and standalone calculators

B-BBEE ownership solutions

Having operated in the B-BBEE space for almost a decade, we have seen companies and B-BBEE deals of all shapes and sizes and been involved in B-BBEE transactions for SMEs, large business and even listed entities and multinationals.  We understand the challenges in this space very well, and are particularly aware of the challenges facing small and medium businesses that need to grow without losing control or “giving away” their businesses.

Unlike most service provider, our approach doesn’t start with B-BBEE partners or B-BBEE structures – it starts with understanding what the shareholders objectives are and what they are and are not willing, or able, to trade off. From here, we address all the different aspects of a transaction which companies need to consider and then can proceed into full transaction design and implementation using our in house experienced corporate finance team.

  • Ownership strategies for businesses of all sizes, including all types of ownership – from finding an active and strategic business partner, to using a broad-based trust partner that results in a more broad community benefit
  • End-to-end transaction advisory and implementation services
  • SMME “plug-and-play” ownership solutions for maximum cost efficiency
  • Independent assessments of proposed B-BBEE transactions, to ensure compliance against requirements, achievement of the sub-minimum and confirmation of points
  • Assisting with suitable options for BEE partners, especially broad-based partners
  • Valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Appointment and management of appropriate experts where required, typically legal advisors and sometimes tax opinions
  • Complex ownership evaluations
  • Sale of Assets, Continuing Consequences (“once empowered always empowered”) and design of Equity Equivalents programmes and management

Comparison of current and amended Codes