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Simanye Group is a cluster of entities dedicated to helping businesses, communities and the public sector find effective and sustainable solutions for transformation and economic development in South Africa, Africa and beyond. As part of this, we have established both a consulting arm as well as a social enterprise and community development arm.

Our expert consulting services and innovative solutions are financially efficient and practical to implement. They are designed to meet B-BBEE compliance targets in a way that makes business sense. Where mandated by the client, and particularly for much larger corporates and multinationals with challenging targets, we generate ideas and design initiatives that go beyond compliance to create real shared value, where all parties benefit.

We have provided B-BBEE and economic development consulting services to clients of all sizes and have worked extensively in a wide range of sectors – including mining, liquid fuels and rail. We are also now able to apply our verification experience, particularly of complex structures, to offer B-BBEE audit services to our clients.

Through our social enterprise and community development arm, we pool B-BBEE and other funds in order to research, develop and implement holistic community development solutions, and social enterprise models in particular. Through this work we are forwarding micro-business, emerging farmers, urban farming, skills and youth development and a host of related projects.

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